“Conversations” Episode 80- Luke Cosgrove

Australian newcomer, Luke Cosgrove, joins us for ‘Conversations’ Episode 80 TONIGHT at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific on NextBigThingRadio.net!

Luke hails from Nambour, Queensland and raised on the Sunshine Coast, spending much of his time in the ocean surfing. He started acting at the age of 11 and in his late teens, moved to Brisbane to pursue his passion professionally, where he starred in several short independent Australian productions.

Luke Cosgrove

Luke Cosgrove will star as “Jay” a popular star quarterback and the son of the town sheriff later accused of a heinous crime in the new Spike series “THE MIST,” based on the novella by Stephen King, executive produced by Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, David Glasser and Christian Torpe.

Luke Cosgrove

“THE MIST” premieres June 22, 2017 on Spike. Join Brett and Mike as we talk with Luke about life back home, his acting career and his upcoming series.

Don’t miss ‘Conversations Episode 80 with Luke Cosgrove. Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 11 PM Eastern, 8 PM Pacific on NextBigThingRadio.net, brought to you by ParktoParkTravel.com

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