‘Conversations’ Ep. 85- Kari Wahlgren

On Wednesday, June 28th, Brett and Mike were very excited to welcome, voiceover artist and actress, Kari Wahlgren to ‘Conversations’ on NextBigThingRadio.Net!

Kari Wahlgren’s voice-over career began on her 11th birthday. While on vacation in California, she toured a recording studio. During the tour, she was approached to audition for the role of Gloria in a radio drama. The producers loved her and booked her on the spot.

Kari is not in Kansas anymore! Since her arrival in Los Angeles, she has built a phenomenal resume’ as an actress and voiceover artist. Her first role as Haruko in FLCL remains a fan favorite, and her voice can be heard in Emmy and Academy Award-winning animated films and TV shows that include Wolverine & The X-Men, Archer,  Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League Cosmic Clash, Bunnicula, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Robin in Witch Hunter Robin and Hellsing. Video Game voiceovers include Uncharted 4, Skylanders, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, Marvel Heroes, and Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Kari’s incredible voice talents can currently be heard as Amanda in Bunsen Is a Beast, Starfire in Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Tigress in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Chloe Carmichael in The Fairly Odd Parents, Jessica in Rick and Morty, a female Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Ashe in Final Fantasy XII. You can hear her voice as Aranea in the new Square Enix game Final Fantasy XV released on Xbox One and PS4. Kari will voice Aunt Cora in the new Netflix and DreamWorks Original Series, Spirit Riding Free. She also will be returning to Rick and Morty for season 3 in summer 2017. Kari will also play Jamie in Open Road’s The Nut Job 2, coming to theaters on August 18th!

Kari Wahlgren

She also produced and wrote a short film, Girl #2, which premiered at the 12th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival in 2016 as well as Shriekfest in Los Angeles. Her film won “Best Short” at the New Orleans Film Festival as well.

We have featured many talented voiceover artists on Conversations, but you don’t want to miss this episode! Join us LIVE, this Wednesday, June 28th, at 11 PM Eastern, 8 PM Pacific as we welcome Kari Wahlgren to Conversations Episode 85 on NextBigThingRadio.net

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“Conversations” Episode 80- Luke Cosgrove

Luke Cosgrove

Australian newcomer, Luke Cosgrove, joins us for ‘Conversations’ Episode 80 TONIGHT at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific on NextBigThingRadio.net!

Luke hails from Nambour, Queensland and raised on the Sunshine Coast, spending much of his time in the ocean surfing. He started acting at the age of 11 and in his late teens, moved to Brisbane to pursue his passion professionally, where he starred in several short independent Australian productions.

Luke Cosgrove

Luke Cosgrove will star as “Jay” a popular star quarterback and the son of the town sheriff later accused of a heinous crime in the new Spike series “THE MIST,” based on the novella by Stephen King, executive produced by Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, David Glasser and Christian Torpe.

Luke Cosgrove

“THE MIST” premieres June 22, 2017 on Spike. Join Brett and Mike as we talk with Luke about life back home, his acting career and his upcoming series.

Don’t miss ‘Conversations Episode 80 with Luke Cosgrove. Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 11 PM Eastern, 8 PM Pacific on NextBigThingRadio.net, brought to you by ParktoParkTravel.com

“Conversations” Ep. 73- Jeremy Wieand Returns!

Jeremy Wieand Returns

On January 25th, Brett and Mike welcome back our favorite short, bald and pasty actor and comedian, Jeremy Wieand. We featured Jeremy back on “Conversations” Episode 6 way back in 2015!

Jeremy’s always been a little guy who brings big laughs. After playing Andy King for 100 episodes on the Family Channel Original Sitcom, Big Brother Jake, along with being cast on most major television shows in the 1990’s including Boy Meets World, Sister Sister and Clueless, he decided the laughs were not going to stop with the quirkiness of getting older.

Because of his lack of height… and hair, he’s always had a knack for witty comebacks and humorous anecdotes. If it’s a confusing, uncomfortable or embarrassing situation, chances are Jeremy’s been through it too and can help you laugh about it along the way.

Jeremy has been received by audiences with big laughs resulting in gigs at various comedy clubs and showrooms across the country, including The Comedy Store in Hollywood, Big Al’s Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory, L.A. Comedy Club and numerous Bonkerz Comedy Club locations and venues,  LVH(Formerly the world famous Las Vegas Hilton Hotel) in “Comedy After Dark Starring Anthony Padilla” and has opened for Comedic greats like Louie Anderson at the Plaza Hotel and Jim Norton with Dave Attell at the MGM Grand. Jeremy has Recently appeared on Tosh.O and in a US Cellular commercial spot.

Currently, Jeremy is living and working in Los Angeles and performs all around the LA basin! Be sure to tune in Wednesday, January 25th at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific, for “Conversations” Episode 73 right here on NextBigThingRadio.Net!

Jeremy Wieand photo 2

“Conversations” Ep. 70- The Know

On Wednesday, December 6th, at 11pm EST, 8pm PST, Callum Grant, Scott Bishop, and brother’s Adam and Boomer Galassi, from the new independent film from Downstate Productions, ‘The KNOW’, join us! Be sure to join us as we record the show live here in our chatroom! We will even be taking questions live on air so be sure to join us!

Adam and Boomer Galassi grew up in the woods of central Illinois. They’ve been making movies together since they were children. ‘The KNOW’ is their third independent feature film. Adam is currently a member of the Blue Man Group crew- operating the on stage camera and running the show. Adam also worked for Blue Man on NCL cruise ship production. Boomer has been traveling the world as a Blue Man since 1997. The brothers now work at Blue Man Group Chicago.
The Know
Boomer, Scott, and Adam

Scott Bishop grew up in a little town called Kentville, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. Scott earned a Bachelors of Music degree in Percussion performance.After college, he moved to Vancouver on the west coast of Canada and worked as a Freelance musician and actor. Scott was comissioned to create several compositions for art installations and original ballet works.  He is one of the original creative members of ‘Scrap Arts Music’, an original action percussion show, touring the world.

Scott became a blue man in 2005. He has performed in Toronto, Oberhausen Germany, Zurich Switzerland, Las Vegas, and the Megastar world tour. He has been in the Chicago show since Dec of 2011.  Scott started working on ‘The KNOW’ with Adam and Thomas Galassi in the winter of 2015.

The Know
Callum Grant

Callum Grant learned piano at age 4, violin at 13, guitar at 15 and drums/percussion at 16. He has since forgotten almost all of his formal training and is now a self proclaimed noise hack. Callum writes, records, sings and plays in the band Whisky Tales, as well as various solo and side ventures including comedic music work at second city and IO theatre.

Callum’s ‘real’ job of 11 years is performing as a Blue Man in Blue Man Group, taking him all over the globe (highlights include London, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio De Janiero, Amsterdam, & New York) and he currently calls Chicago home. He holds an actual 1st class honors degree in Contemporary Theater Practice from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, and was always quite good at climbing things.

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